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Our Process

The slideshow below demonstrates the process when installing a cement patio.

  • 1. The form work is checked for correct height and pitch.
  • 2. We use integral color, the base color of your concrete, which is added to the mix at the concrete plant or on the job-site.
  • 3. The base color (brick red) is raked into the grade.
  • 4. The base color is skreeded down, bow floated and edges are being finalized.
  • 5. The release color is applied to the surface once the base color concrete begins to set up.
  • 6. The chosen pattern is stamped in.
  • 7. Touch ups and final details are completed as the crew moves away from the stamped area.
  • 8. Once the forms can be safely removed, the top surface is completed.
  • 9. The final result, a two level patio.
  • 10. Pennsylvania Cobblestone pattern, Brick Red base color, and a Charcoal release color.
  • 11. A close-up of how the release color (charcoal) highlights all the mortar joints in the pattern and randomly across the surface.